Monday, July 13, 2009

Retreat to Focus on Outcomes in Library Measurement and Assessment

The UALC Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce that registration for this summer's retreat, "Incorporating Outcomes into Library Measurement and Assessment," is now open: The retreat will be held on Friday, August 14, 2009 at the University of Utah. Space is limited, so sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.

This year's program will be presented by the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA). Here is their summary of the program: Traditionally libraries have used a wide variety of methods to track, measure and assess use of their resources and services. Although the concept of measuring the outcome of a program or service is not new in the profit and non-profit business world, measuring outcomes or desired and actual impact of programs and services is becoming the norm and - by many umbrella organizations and granting agencies - required. Through a combination of lecture, individual and small group exercises, participants will: understand the language of outcomes; be familiar with the application of outcomes measurement in library settings; be familiar with the appropriate process of using and integrating outcomes measurement into library programs and services; design outcomes for a library program or service; identify appropriate data collection and measurement for program or service outcomes; and, identify avenues for using outcomes results for planning and justifying existence, expansion and organization or reorganization of library programs, services and funding.

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