Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Legislative Update for UALC

Legislative fiscal analyst Spencer Pratt presented the year's state budget to the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.  Pratt announced that all budgets would be reduced seven percent before the first day of the legislative session.  The Higher Education Subcommittee will then have ten days to change, substitute or amend, then pass a base budget, after which the remainder of the session can be used to tweak or alter the base budget as needed.  The across-the-board cuts come in response to a $650 million statewide deficit created by many factors, including the general fund decreasing by approximately $1 billion since 2008, ongoing commitments that exceed revenues, and increasing costs of programs such as Medicaid and state employee retirement funding. The session runs from January 24 to March 10, 2011.

Members of this year's committee include Rep. Michael T. Morley, Chair; Sen. Stephen H. Urquhart, Co Chair; Rep. Jack R. Draxler, Vice Chair; Rep. Patrice M. Arent; Rep. Bradley M. Daw; Rep. Rebecca P. Edwards; Rep. Don L. Ipson; Sen. Scott K. Jenkins; Rep. Kay L. McIff; Sen. Stuart C. Reid; Sen. Ross I. Romero; Rep. Douglas Sagers; Rep. Dean Sanpei; Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson; Sen. John L. Valentine; Rep. R. Curt Webb; and Rep. Mark A. Wheatley. 

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