Thursday, January 6, 2011

State Library Joins Utah Futures

The Utah State Library is making an investment in Utah’s workforce future by partnering with other state agencies to support, a free website that helps Utahns chose career paths. It is geared to students from grades 6-12 and adults entering the workforce. The site can help you chart your future and determine a number of variables: how much money you want to earn, careers that best suit you, where to go to college, scholarships and résume writing.

UtahFutures is provided free to Utah residents through a statewide collaboration that includes: the State Office of Education, Adult Education, the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the Utah System of Higher Education, the Utah Office of Rehabilitation, the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) and the federal GEAR UP program. All partners used money from existing budget sources and not from new state money. The web site has already received over one-million hits since October 2009.

“This web site is a valuable tool and greatly improves the chances of finding and following a career path for students and adults alike,” says State Librarian Donna Jones Morris. “UtahFutures is about a year old and is already seeing a large number of users and the State Library is proud to be a part of Utah’s future workforce.”

You can create a free account and use the features offered by clicking on “Browse” Utah students must access their accounts using their school SSID number.